Parenting - A long way to go!

Parenting is an art or a skill or a roller coaster ride of events … oh Still, I am not sure what parenting is even after being a parent of three children from 15 years. I believe it is a journey of unforgettable moments, tired & sleepless nights, also hectic depressing days. A stressful but overall, a worthwhile blessed period that makes our lives upside down. But now, When I look back to all those years down the memory lane, I only see beautiful moments, memorable events with my children ❤️️. I wish to live those moments again… each day brings new joy and laughter, a new challenge to achieve as a mum .

👶 Children fill our lives with colors and adventures. It feels like they allow me to revisit different phases of my life.  I become a child when I share my childhood stories with them or when I play with them or enjoy their spontaneous responses to stuff or behaviors.

To all new parents, my advice is to enjoy each moment with their child. Live in the present and capture each second, celebration, milestone of your child on camera so you can enjoy it later when your child grows up….

I will share tips and advices related to parenting, child psychology, health and nutrition of kids and so on, in my upcoming posts.

Love, enjoy and be a proud mum because you won't have that moment again in your life 😊.


Just share your memories ✍️, thoughts, ideas and precious experience  and help other young Moms to raise their children in a perfect way

So hurry up 👍, we are curious to hear from you😊. 

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