To make safe Baby wearing practices easy to remember 😍, the 'Rule of Hand'. Each finger represents a different baby wearing safety tip.

👉CAREFUL. If you wouldn't do an activity whilst pregnant, don't do it while wearing your baby. Like being pregnant 🤰, baby wearing can tilt your center of gravity and not allow you to see your feet much.

👉BETTER BREATHING. You should always be able to easily see your baby's face without opening the fabric. Ensure that your baby's chin is not pressed against his/her chest to allow easy breathing.


👉KEEP HIGH. Keep the 👶 baby high and tight against your chest, not low on your hips. This will also afford you a good line of sight to monitor your baby's needs and well being.

👉FIT FOR PURPOSE. Make sure that you read your sling/ carrier's instruction booklet and/or watch the videos (if available) so you can ensure the carrier is the right fit for your body shape and the age/weight of your baby.

👉YOUR INSTINCT. You are the parent, trust your instinct. Try to mimic with the carrier/sling, the way you would naturally hold your baby with your arms. You should always be able to make eye contact with your baby. This will allow you to determine whether baby is safe, happy and content.

Like all practices, it is important to understand how to use the tools of the trade correctly to ensure safe and effective use. Babes in Arms is committed to ensuring that parents and caregivers are well informed about Baby wearing Safety❤️❤️.

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