Manuka Grading System

Government Regulation 

All Mānuka honey bottled and sent from New Zealand for export markets must meet the government standard for Mānuka honey introduced in February 2018. A combination of five attributes (four chemical markers and one DNA marker from Mānuka pollen) are required to authenticate Monofloral and Multifloral Mānuka honey.  These attributes can be identified using two independent laboratory tests.  The difference between Monofloral and Multifloral is the required levels of these key indicators.


Additional Testing     

In addition to the above, those companies wanting to label their honey with a rating system must perform a separate round of laboratory analysis to identify the signature compounds that are responsible for efficacy with the main compound being Methylglyoxal. 


UMF Trademark

The UMF® quality trademark is the only rating system that is independently verified.  UMF is the association of New Zealand honey producers that governs the Mānuka honey UMF rating system specifically to protect consumers against honey labels making unsubstantiated claims. 


UMF is the only rating system that guarantees that the product is produced and packed in New Zealand from 100% New Zealand honey. All other rating systems are not Independently governed and are free for producers to use whether onshore or offshore. Please note NPA and TA are not permitted to be packed in New Zealand under the current regulation. 

It’s important to note any product labelled in overseas countries can still be labelled as the manufacturer wishes.

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